Our Service

We are very good when it comes to targeting people in specific locations or specific businesses.  We can also offer mass email marketing that is less targeted for people that want more general targets.  We test delivery of email addresses to ensure that our customers are getting profits from the email campaigns we broadcast for them. We can help you market you business to a well targeted audience or a general USA audience.

Again, we send out email campaigns here and we also sell targeted opt in email lists for your personal use at your own server or computer.  We use permission email lists for all  our email marketing services. Our email address database of over 300 million active email addresses come from people who have signed up and/or agreed to receive email in a specific target category.   We have been able to acquire this huge database because we have been in the marketing business for over 6 years.   If you are looking for an email marketing service that will yield you good results, then do yourself a favor and try us today!

We use opt-in email lists for our bulk email marketing Campaigns. That is, emails of people who agreed to receive emails on different targets and categories.  We compile the categories into subtargert categories that you can choose from on our website during your order.